– Joiner’s, forging and smith’s facilities

Joiner's Facilities

Manufacturing of wooden structures of any complexity, of which highly artistic wooden elements using artistic wood carving – windows, doors, stair posts, strings, staircases.

Forging and Smith’s Facilities

Manufacturing of metalware of any complexity using forging ornament – metallic grids, railings, fences, and gates.

Forging is one of the oldest metal treatment techniques applied in order to create solid and long-lasting pieces.

Forged elements being metalware do not only bear functional loads but serve as artistic elements at the same time. They are distinguished by their aestheticism, which makes them not only functional elements but real works of interior art. Nothing can transform and emphasize the individuality of interiors as beautiful and stylish forged elements. And this can hardly be disputed as the artistic forging is one of the last “living” crafts of our time of standard products.